Radio Networks & Stations

  • Premier radio automation with Carbon Catser technology
  • Placement on Apple & Google app stores with My Brass Radio App
  • Top tier widgets to place any where on the web with copy and paste html. Now Playing /Stream Status / Current Track / Tracks requested & More.
  • Shout Cast & Ice cast radio server streaming
  • YouTube live relay.
  • Secure Radio Stream (SSL / HTPPS)
  • Manage Show Jingles & Commercials ADs to monetize your station.
  •  Remote DJ / Live Broadcasting
  • Complete Automation scheduler interface view-able on any device. 
  •  HD 320 KBS streaming quality
  •  Unlimited Listeners
  • Scaleable storage packages
  • Back Up radio server options
  •  MP3 / AAC / FLAC Audio formats
  •  View stats and in depth analytics from top Tracks request, listener count, location, device type and amount of time spent listening. 

Try Carbon Caster

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