41. Izzy Ish

His sharpe melody s and dark theme lyrics bring you in to Izzys tracks and keeps ya head boping. Snapping on trap beats comes natural for him looking for more to come from this young artist.

42. Yikey Mikey

Another Roc legend putting down pain every time he touches the scene. Yikey always has has another banger in store for you with witty bars and raw lyrics.

43. Preme Nox

Supreme Knox knows how to gives it to you in many facets. From drill rap to bar for bar, he is hands down one of the illest up and coming artist in the Roc.

44. 38 SPESH

If there was anyone rapper you can name that has brought heat and held the city down there is a clear answer. Freestyles that a classic world wide and working with the legends of today and yesterday. There is no question the biggest artist the city has seen.


Mister novela-Indie artist with a musical gift given to deliver pure unadulterated truth on wax