11. 500 Pooh

Not many can carry a nice cadence on auto tune like 500 pooh. Perfect listen for a relax evening in the whip cruising the boulevard.

12. King Kada

Musically inclined and focus on the grind king kada has been feeding the streets good music for while now and it’s time to puts some respect on his name.

13. YK Dirty

You can tell when an artist’s enjoys the thought of rapping. YK is definitely that artist. With a course sound and a nice library of music, fans are definitely satisfied.

14. CleetLord lasko

Cleetlord Lasko is carving his own lane and making it known. With his laid back boss up flow many A&Rs have him in their sights. And rightfully so.

15. Poochie 2X

Whenever the streets need a dose trap medicine, poochie the order up. poochie 2x has one of those voices that makes you go “dam that was hard”. He seems to never let down.