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Written by on 25 September 2018

Many rappers take on the title artist without truly personifying their image or message. Often times giving critics free range to go H.A.M with critism. Thank God for the young thugs and the Tekashi 69s of the world for ushering in a new wave of expression. Which brings me to Hit-story of Kidd Buu. From his hit song Dead Roses to Death to soundcloud, the California native has made a name for himself. Kid Buu is what you would call a fashion nova, which he inherited from his mother who even though was a single parent always made sure her kids dress to impress, which would later be his way into the music industry, but ill share that part later on.Elijah Valentine a.k.a Kidd Buu was born April 11, 1994 in the city of New Jersey. His mom relocated to Miami florida where he grew up in a harsh enviroment surrounded by drugs, gangs and violence. His mother worked odd hours and often left Him and his faternal twin brother home alone. She also was a traveling DJ, which afforded Kidd Buu the opportunity to meet a bunch of famous music artists which in return helped shape and mold his love for music. Elijah has always been inuitive and with some software skills he learned as a teen he was able to build several cash generating websites. One of the sites was used to sale the hottest children toys out. And to make money, he would hike up the commission’s and make a bunch of money. So much so that he was able to buy himself a Maserati Gran Turismo in his teens.When he turned 20 he moved to Toronto and through a seris of unordinary events he met one Drakes partners from OVO squad. Now that unordinary event was Drake’s partner challenging Kid Buu to dunk, which was differnt for him, being that he wasnt into sports at all. But he did, and it was impressive plus went viral. Drake caught whiff of it and sent him a care package of clothing which in turn started his modeling career. He did shoots for well known brands and made a pretty good living. He has an interesting story on how he got his name. He said that one day he had took some shrooms and when he woke up out of his nap standing there was little Xan and little Xan asked him what’s your name. And the first thing that came to his mind was Kid Buu. He’s really huge into anime and Kid Buu is his favorite character from the dragon ball z series. With his Fame growing as a Instagram model, buu started foucusing on music and dropped his hit single dead roses. Of course it wasn’t a hit right away but gained traction over some months and put him on the scene. Now you can enjoy more hits like his latest one death to SoundCloud which right now is that 3.6 million views in one month, not bad Kidd.

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